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Trade Show AV Equipment Rental Company


Transform your event with our AV rentals in Las Vegas. From LED/LCD video walls and touch screens to cameras, lighting products, speakers, and special effects,

we have everything you need to create an unforgettable experience Elevate your visuals, capture every moment, enhance the atmosphere, and deliver powerful sound.

Choose from our wide range of top-notch AV equipment rentals and make your event shine in Las Vegas. To maximize the impact of the visuals, our team

can even design Custom Video Content for your video screens. Everything from video graphics to logo animation & presentation design – Pure AV is here to help..

Elevate your event with our Video Wall & Touch Screen rentals. Our high-resolution LED/LCD video walls deliver stunning visual displays that captivate your audience. Engage visitors with interactive touch screens, allowing them to explore and interact with your content. Create an immersive and memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression. Maximize the impact of your event with our cutting-edge AV solutions.

Transform your event into a mesmerizing spectacle with our Lighting and Special Effects Rentals. From dynamic lighting setups that set the mood to special effects that add an extra touch of magic, our rentals will create an unforgettable atmosphere. With our top tier equipment and expert guidance, bring your event to life and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Let us illuminate your vision and turn your event into a dazzling success.

Capture your event in stunning detail with our Video Camera Rentals. Our high-quality cameras offer pro-grade visuals, ensuring every moment is captured with precision. From documenting speeches to capturing candid interactions, our camera rentals provide the tools you need to showcase your event's highlights. Whether it's a conference, wedding, or live event, trust our camera rentals to capture the essence of your event.

Elevate the sound experience at your event with our Event Speaker Rentals. Deliver crystal-clear audio and ensure every word is heard with precision. From small gatherings to large-scale productions, our speaker rentals cater to your specific needs. Whether you require powerful projection or nuanced clarity, trust our expertly curated selection to deliver exceptional audio quality for your events with our top-notch speaker rentals.

Elevate Your Event with our AV Rentals

Take your event to new heights with our comprehensive range of AV rentals in Las Vegas. From mesmerizing LED/LCD video walls and interactive Touch Screens to Camera and Speaker rentals, we provide cutting-edge technology that captivates your audience. Capture every moment with our high-quality cameras, ensuring professional-grade visuals. Illuminate your event with dynamic lighting products, setting the perfect ambiance. Deliver powerful sound with our premium speakers. Plus, add an extra touch of magic with our special effects rentals.

Trust us to provide the tools you need to create an unforgettable experience for your attendees. Elevate your event with our top-notch AV solutions.

They managed to work as a team with great communication, and go around unpredictable situations, to make things happen. We at Top Choice Awards, already booked them for the next 2 years! From Josh, to Chris to the entire team, my sincere thank you and looking forward to many more events to come!

David Silvestre

Used Pure AV for 3 high profile events in 3 high profile hotels, what a seamless experience. The staff was perfect, the equipment was on point, and the audio and video were excellent. I was happy at the level of professionalism and degree of technical expertise!

Siber X

Working with the Pure AV team has been nothing short of amazing. They are incredibly efficient and know more about A/V than most companies in this industry. There is no problem too big for them and every time I use them, I think to myself “how could I have ever done this without them?". I cannot recommend using Pure AV enough!!

Raphaela Schneider-Friedman

We can’t thank Pure AV enough for the work they did for our community Visioning Night. Staff were under an enormous time crunch yet they made it happen smoothly and seamlessly - and everyone from the company was kind and helpful. I would recommend Pure AV services to anyone!

Nancy Reid Oldridge

Pure AV was amazing to work with. They were very quick to respond and were able to accommodate all of our requests. Their service exceeded our expectations, and their professional ability to decorate the venue made all the difference. I would highly recommend Pure AV to anyone who has an event coming up and requires audio visual services.

Eunji Lee

Las Vegas Event AV Services

It’s no surprise that Las Vegas is one of the world’s top destinations for hosting exhibits and trade shows. With abundant business and leisure opportunities, this city makes networking a breeze. The city’s hotels and convention centers are designed meticulously with attention to the smallest details for clients to experience the best in business and pleasure. As a result, exhibitors want to give potential customers the best possible impression of their brand. Showing up to one of the greatest cities in the world and exhibiting a basic trade show booth is not going to cut it. Everybody will be competing for the customer’s attention. The best way to stand out is to incorporate a combination of the latest trade show AV equipment rental technologies such as LED/LCD Video walls, Touch Screens, TVs, Lighting Products and Speakers.

To maximize the impact of the visuals, our team can even design Custom Video Content for your video screens. Everything from video graphics to logo animation & presentation design – Pure AV is here to help. 

Expo Show – Audio, Video & Lighting Gear

When exhibiting at a Las Vegas trade show, the only way you can win customers is to grab their attention, give them a reason to spend time at your booth, and demonstrate your product and message effectively while they are there. Our high-resolution straight LED display or curvable video wall can help you do just that. It can be incorporated into a custom exhibit booth or we can supply stands. The best part is that we can build a video wall of any size, aspect ratio, ground-stacked, or even rigged the ceiling to help you get “above” your competition. For a more transitional feel we also offer LCD video walls add a classy and elegant look to your booth and are a great option for having video content playing in the background while demonstrating or showcasing a product. 

The best way to leave a memorable impression with your customer is to have them interact with your product. This also creates an opportunity to collect their personal data through the signup forms or get feedback on the product through surveys. Our Touch Screen Displays can help you do just that! The icing on the cake that makes this equipment top-notch is custom content creation. By creating unique and engaging content to the right pixel pitch and aspect ratio is what will make your AV equipment better than your competitors. Our team can deliver, setup, and strike the gear as well. Pure AV is ready to help with your Las Vegas AV Rentals!

Booking Las Vegas Trade Show AV Services with Pure AV

The largest companies and corporations are constantly coming to Las Vegas to develop and establish relationships with various vendors – big and small. Businesses put their best foot forward when exhibiting at these trade show – and we can help you achieve exactly that! So if this got your interest and want to secure Pure AV’s Las Vegas Trade Show AV Equipment Rental Service, please take a moment to fill out the form below and our staff will be sure to respond within 24 hours. If you are still eager to learn more, check out Pure AV’s social handles – FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and YouTube. We hope to hear from you soon with all upcoming Trade Show AV needs!


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