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Projection Mapping

Pure AV Projection Mapping Services

From the Swiss Alps bearing behind an elegant stage to a rainforest almost engulfing guests at a dinner table, projection mapping can be mind-bending enough to bring the mega spark out of any event. Used in transforming objects or physical spaces – regardless of shape or size – into a display surface for projection – this visual technique has become the stuff of the 21st-century occasion. It’s a fascinating and visually impressive element, guaranteed to ‘wow’ your guests.

At Pure AV, we have the right vision technology and expertise necessary to whip up an immersive experience never seen before. By using powerful Christie high-definition projectors, we are able to design and formulate multimedia and cast them beautifully on custom made sets that perfectly match the built framework.

How Projection Mapping Works

So how does it work? In short, we cast images, videos or other content on almost any flat or irregular surface. This creates dynamic visuals transforming illusions into reality and images of infinite possibilities. This type of technology is ideal for advertising, branding, entertainment, conferences, and trade show presentations. The result is quite stunning!

Projection Mapping For Your Event

Just imagine taking that walk into your beloved venue space and how it would feel to be welcomes by a buzzing city skyline. Visualize being greeted by a projected 3D display that seems as real as the vendor standing next to you. To make this happen, we use only the best and most trusted technical and audiovisual equipment. As such, high quality and impactful events are an inevitable result.

Our team has spread our arms open to projection mapping, believing it has all it takes to really bring about a transformation to any kind of environment. On the backs of our years of experience with this technology, we can turn the most elaborate architectural pieces of an event space to become a reflection of your choicest theme, imagery, color, branding or environment.

Very important to note is that projecting mapping is only as great as the content being projected. To this effect, a holistic team of expert in-house multimedia designers can produce the right content to ensure that your 2D or 3D mapping makes the kind of impact your are chasing. We work closely with our clients on multimedia, an effort to ensure we get adequately highlight the key messaging and branding elements.

Projection Mapping Service in Vegas

Pure Av has projection-mapped on stages to create dynamic surroundings and transformed countless stark walls into visual masterpieces. Simply put, we have what it takes to make your event become something truly spectacular. Whether you plan on hosting a corporate conference or glamorous gala dinner, there is always a place for projection mapping within that event.

Our diversely skilled team members are on ground and ready to furnish with the ultimate projection mapping experience. This comes alongside all of your event requirements, meaning your theme and brief is delivered to a consistent and imaginative standard.

Projection mapping is a contemporary technical concept many events are embracing, and here at Pure AV, we are no exception. It is our mission to make events that are to be remembered, and we believe projection mapping is one tool that can really assist us in doing so.