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TV/Touch Screen

If there is any way to keep your guests glued to something, TVs and touchscreens make the cut. Regardless of the kind of event you are putting together, they can be used for any application. This includes training, presentations and even demos.

Pure AV prides itself in the provision of an extensive range of interactive display solutions. All the equipment is designed to meet all the needs of each application that best fit your occasion.

In the digital world of the present day, the seemingly one craze is definitely all about user experience. One necessity is digital messaging followed up with the right content, but that is not usually all it takes.

The next step in creating killer content to keep an audience spellbound is to add an interactive elements. So doing, one would truly set one’s event apart with an enhanced user experience. Pure AV has made a substantial investment, the chief premises of which is to bring interactive technology to the rental and staging sector.

Benefits of Touchscreen Rental Terminals:

  • Visualize your data & assets through an interactive user interface.
  • Striking, responsive communication through the display of messages in real time.
  • Critical insight from massive amounts of data.
  • Direct manipulation of objects and analytic views with a multi-touch interface.
  • A significant reduction in your marketing investment, using an infinite variety of messages at very low production cost.
  • You can test message/picture/video performance to optimize overall effectiveness.
  • Touchscreen signage makes it possible to tailor your messages to the time of day or the needs of different markets.

Touchscreen Specifications:

  • Providing 1080P and 4K Level Touch Performance
  • Pen+Touch Recognition
  • 6 and 10 Point Touch Sensitivity
  • Response Time Up to 250fps
  • Ultra-Smooth Tempered Mighty Glass
Above all, data collection is critical to any business, and in most instances our clients find this as the most effective option to gather data through sign up forms or promotions. No matter what the event is, incorporating this type of technology pulls your audience and attracts attention. Most importantly, adding a sensory element to a presentation of a product is one that will be remembered by anyone that chooses to interact with it.

Touchscreen TV Rental Vegas

Our countrywide distribution network controls an abundant inventory of touch screen and TV rentals. They come in the right sizes, configurations and options needed for just about any caliber of event. All the equipment are on set for pronto shipment.

We offer you the most economical solutions for all your event needs. Why buy when you can rent from us and conduct the most technologically advanced event at a fraction of the price? With us, there is no need to worry anymore about purchasing equipment, warehousing, maintaining, and conveying it from one place to another or depreciation. We handle it all for you.

We have years of experience and touch points for our business in different parts of Canada. As such, there is no disappointment in trusting us to help you in the selection of large touchscreen monitors, interactive TVs and digital kiosk rental you are in need of.

We have an in-house team of experienced and battle-hardened technicians and reps that will support you with everything from the planning phase to the delivery stage, and even to the setup and breakdown after the event.

Booking Touchscreen TV with Pure AV

Lastly, we hope you find these visuals rental options appealing. If so, please do not hesitate to contact our sales staff by filling out the form below, emailing [email protected] or calling 1-800-929-7089.

But while you are waiting, slide over to Pure AV social handles to see some of our previous work – FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. We promise you will be intrigued!